Players under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a full paying adult
over 18 years.


The speed limit at Fear Masters Airsoft UK is restricted to 5mph on entering and leaving the site.  All vehicles are left at owner risk. Fear Masters Airsoft UK does not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused.


1. Hell Lane Bridge
2. Black Road Bridge
3. Farmers Fields


It’s always best to be prepared for the worst possible weather. It’s easier to remove clothing you don’t need than not to have clothing you do need. It’s advised to wear a pair of good ankle supporting boots. The ground may be uneven or slippery.


All structures have been built to enhance the playing environment but are not permanent, adequate care should be taken not to interfere with them so as to render them unsafe.


Some areas of the wood may be slippery and uneven and players should take adequate care when entering or playing in these areas, particularly in wet weather.

Be aware that there are fallen trees, logs, brambles and other obstructions on the ground and care should be taken when moving around them.

Be aware of branches that are at head height - this is another reason that eye protection should be worn.

Magazines are to be removed and chambers cleared before entering the Safe Zone or leaving the playing area.

Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry and no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the site. 

Smoking is not permitted within the playing area for safety reasons.

Fear Masters Airsoft UK has a comprehensive First Aid Kit on site as well as qualified First Aiders should a medical emergency arise. Any player needing serious medical attention then a mobile phone will be available for a 999 call.

It is the responsibility of all those who attend Fear Masters Airsoft UK to notify us of any known medical conditions that you may be suffering from.


Any weapons which are not rented are required to be tested using a chronograph prior to entering the playing area.

Knives/bayonets are not permitted on site.


You may only use smoke or BB grenades that have been approved for use by Fear Masters Airsoft UK.

If a smoke grenade is activated then do not attempt to pick it up as it will be very hot and could cause serious burns if touched.

If thunder flashes or BB grenades are used, and do not detonate after you have thrown them - LEAVE THEM ALONE - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK THEM UP!

Pyrotechnics may be on sale but these must be used on the day or returned. They must not be removed from site. They are not available to anyone under the age of 18.


In the unlikely event that you encounter a member of the public in the playing area then cease all activities immediately until they have moved and advise a marshal of their location.

Whistle signals will inform you to stop play if someone enters the game zone.


All players are required to sign an insurance waiver before the start of play.

Players under the age of 16 must have a waiver form signed by their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to play.


Trained marshals are on site to ensure your safety and their instructions must be obeyed without question at all times. In the event of an accident or other serious incident their instructions must be followed.

The marshals word is final, but if you feel that you have been misjudged you may appeal to one of the chief marshals.


Drinks will be available on the day, it is requested that should you bring your own then this must be consumed in the preparation area only. Only water will be permitted in the gaming area.


When hit, shout hit, stand up and place your arm in the air (either arm), remove your magazine, discharge your weapon and go to the designated ‘Dead Zone’

Note: These are not safe areas and your face masks should not be removed in these areas.


Cheating is not just non hit taking, we view the following as cheating;

• Talking to your team mates when dead, including use of radios (even to say I am dead).
• Indicating enemy positions when dead with gestures or eye contact.
• Blind firing, always site your weapon correctly. Your barrel may be inches away from a friends face.
• Firing through holes in netting, unless the hole is obviously a door or a window. Netting should be treated as a wall.

You are hit if a BB hits you anywhere on your body except your main gun. Marshals will be patrolling the game area ensuring that people are taking their hits and that there is no cheating.


We do not tolerate players abusing each other either verbally, physically, racially or any other form of abuse.

If you have a problem with any player make a note of whom they are and inform a marshal who will deal with the issues.

If we have any serious accusations of abuse, the player in question will be banned from site for life.

Violence and swearing are unacceptable – children may be present.


We operate a three strike rule for players caught not taking hits or cheating in any way.

Strike 1.
We will have a quiet word with you, and hope the problem goes away. We will put your name in the chief marshals book along with the date and the reason.

Strike 2.
We will have a public word with you in front of the other players so they too can keep an eye on you. Your name will go in the book again.

Strike 3.
You will be invited to leave the site straight away, you will not receive any refunds. You will have a lifetime ban from any Fear Masters games.


Fear Masters Airsoft UK reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without the need to explain their decision. Should you be asked to leave the grounds during game play due to misconduct, a player then looses the right to a refund.

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