In 2012 the human race was on the brink of extiction. An unknown virus swept the globe turning millions of people into savage, mindless, flesh hungry zombies.

Sanctuary zones were set up across the UK by the Armed Forces and The European Centre for Disease Control in reponse to the biggest threat the world had ever seen. These infection free zones were supposed to keep survivors safe but the authorities couldn't cope. Sanctuary failed, the virus found its way in and everybody died. The problem is, they didn't stay dead.

Now, your country needs you.

A horde of infected zombies still stalk the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park, it is your duty to take them down once and for all!

We have the weapons and the safety equipment and the last of the Armed Forces will train you in combat survival. But, do you have the instinct and the nerve to take on the undead?

You are humanity's last hope but be warned, the undead are evolving, some shoot back and all of them will try to infect you at every opportunity. Will you survive or become one of them?

Fear Masters Entertainment present Operation Survival a live Airsoft experience at the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park. 24 acres, realistic weapons, battle training and an intense fight to the death with a score of blood drenched zombies.

Ready? Aim, FIRE!

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